Sigune Hamann


Sigune Hamann is a Reader in Art and Media Practice at Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London.

Hamann’s practice, research and teaching are closely interlinked. She develops cross-disciplinary projects including the conference at Tate Modern Stillness and Movement in 2010 and explores models of practice at the meeting point of art, design and science.
Educational projects include The Changing Perception of Images, a CCW competition across all levels and disciplines for the Wellcome Collection Windows, resulting in installations of three years duration; Interpreting Objects with Camberwell Collection, Nissen Richards Architects and the V&A, funded by Creativeworks London; Negotiating and inhabiting space with Tracey Waller and Lambeth Council; the Camberwell Book Prize with Duncan Wooldridge, BA Photography and Shared Language, a new platform for art/design and science students with Oxford University and Jonathan Kearney, MA Fine Art Digital CSM.

Research interests

Practice-based research on the role of attention, expectations, and memories in the process of seeing, the creative potential of new and old media, stillness and movement, narrative structures, modes of address and the construction of personal space in public environments.